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International Private Investigators Union

PO Box 363
Lakeside, MT 59922-0363
Call: 406-534-0251



Members and agencies who have web pages hosted at www.pi-agency.us must be a member in Good Standing of the International Private Investigators Union. Union Members can provide services or consulting in the case & assignment areas reflected on their web site. If a state PI License is required for any portion of a case, then the union member can use a local colleague with a State PI License:

Call the National Office for any of the following:
Criminal & Civil Investigations Workmen's Compensation Investigations
Trial Preparations
Internal Theft & Loss Prevention
Personal Injury Investigations
Arson Investigations
Narcotics In the workplace
Industrail Liability Investigations
Marital Investigations & Child Custody
Background Investigations
Automobile Repossession
Medical Malpractice Investigations
Missing Person & Skip Tracing
Electronic Countermeasures
Computer Crime Investigations
Insurance Fraud Investigations


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